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High Speed Lens Lapping/Grinding Machine


It is the lapping machine developed for single lapping (multiple attached also available) of camera lenses.Air is used to pressurize, fine adjustment is done by regulator, and pressurize setting of high or low pressure is available by selecting cylinder.Changing the specification enables its use as pellet machine.The Kanzashi locus is Oscar Method, and the rigidity is extremely high with the swing effect of swing axis of the elliptical system, which is the structure that effectively controls vibration/oscillation.

Products Overview

Model HBL4-210S
No. of countersunk axes 4 axes/shafts
Distance among 4 axes 210mm
Maximum disk diameter 約φ150
Tip shape of countersunk axis According to the instructions of users (taper, adapter, screw type)
Rotating speed of countersunk axis 50Hz 500・1,000rpm Belt changing method 60Hz increased by 1.2%
Rotating speed of Kanzashi 50Hz 50・70・125rpm Belt changing method 60Hz increased by 1.2%
Swinging width of Kanzashi 0〜70mm
Kanzashi Locus Arch motion
Pressurize force of Kanzashi 2〜14.5kg・2〜26.2kg Air pressurize (1 step method)
Timer according to the instructions of users(30-minute timer)
Switchover of Air Foot-operating system
Motor for countersunk axis 0.4kW 4P×4units 3相200V
For Kanzashi 0.2kW 4P×4units 3相200V
Lapping/grinding water pump 100W 200V×1 unit
Physical Dimensions of Equipment Width x Depth x Heightさ 935(W) x 1,000(D) x 1,600mm(H)
重量 約700kg

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