Flow of Services

Inquiries and Consultation

We are willing to meet the requests of customers as much as possible.Please contact us by telephone, E-mail, WEB form or FAX.


If you can provide us information such as delivery lead time, budget, material and shape of workpiece and drawings in advance, our meetings will go smoothly.

Determination of Specifications, Quotation

Sales and engineering staffs-in-charge will have meetings with a customer until the customer is convinced with the specifications and will be responsible to deal with the customer until the presentation of quotes.

Placing a Purchase Order

Please send it by E-mail, FAX or postal mail.

Checking Design and Specifications

We will proceed with design and development works as we check and confirm there is no perception gap between customer and us.

Processing of Parts and Assembly

We conduct accuracy inspection, visual inspection and various quality checks.Assembly work including assembling and inspection is conducted according to the standard form.

Product Inspection, Buy-Off

It is to check whether the product satisfies the requirements.If requested, we set up schedule for buy-off for customer to directly check the product.

Shipment (Set-Up)

We deliver it to the place specified by customer.If necessary, we provide set-up service.

Aftersales Services

We respond to requests for repair, retrofit work and inspection.(※Maintenance staffs are stationed in China, making the maintenance work overseas smooth.)