Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Thank you very much for visiting our website. We are total industrial machinery maker that provide design, processing and procurement of parts, assembly, inspection and setup.

Since the founding in 1947, we have continued to expand in the field of manufacturing machinery for industrial use, generous-purpose and dedicated machine tools, optical equipment, printers and machinery for food and medical use to meet the needs of the era. And we have achieved high reputation and reliability as the manufacturing partners of various makers. In particular, we have made numerous achievements with the lens centering and edging machines and glass hard disk processing machines, and we are proud to say that we provide processing machines to almost all camera makers and medical makers for lens related processing machinery. 30~40% of the laptop PCs in the world are equipped with glass hard disks processed by our processing machines. We have created a new market by developing machine to process glasses for cover glasses of smart phones and wearables from 2013, making use of our know-how on glass processing accumulated over years.

In the age of rapid change, we continue to innovate with priority given on the voice of customers and strive to develop technology with passion and efforts to meet the customers’ expectations.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous patronage and support.



New Arrivals

Released Fully Automatic High Rigidity Centering and Edging Machine Model TCH-2KS-TL3.
Opened a website.