About sample processing

We also take orders for sample processing.
When we process the sample , we use our device.
Please use it as reference before considering the purchase of our machine.

When you offer sample processing to us, please make the following preparations.

  1. Drawing, materials, amount, CAD data of the target work
    Example) glass, sapphire, LT, quartz, ceramic
  2. An evaluation point and delivery date of the sample product
    ・Time to grind it (abrasion)
    ・Figure tolerance
    ・Finish precision
    ・Other clearance
  3. Processing condition
    ・Processing time
    ・Electrodeposition whetstone, nylon (PP) brush
    ・Courant information to use
    (water-soluble courant, cerium oxide, co-Roy dull silica)
  4. Supply such as target work, the courant

as for the inquiry this

Contact: Sales department Tateno, trial manufacture, study section Tateno (Shinichiro)
email: hiro-tateno@tateno-machinery.co.jp
telephone: 03-3966-8731