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Fully Automatic Vertical Centering Machine


It is the vertical type automatic centering and edging machine that performs processing of outer circumference and slope removal of lenses for digital cameras, car-mount cameras and security cameras as well as flat glasses.Workpieces are transported by XY robot and processed by [fully automatic] operation.It achieved small footprint of the machine by compactly arranging stocker and loader.

Products Overview

Model TCV-4 (Dedicated to Round Processing)
Applicable Lens Diameter 自動 φ15〜φ60
Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter/Rotating Speed φ160/2,000〜4,800rpm(Inverter)
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter AC Servo Motor MAX.44mm(X-Axis)...加工常用ストローク 20mm
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Axis AC Servo Motor ストローク 20mm(Z-Axis)
Rotating Speed of Workpiece Axis 0.1~15.0(0.1 step)rpm
High Speed Automatic Centering Mechanism Max.1,500rpm
Auto Loader Loading Time:10秒
Touch Panel Size 8.4インチ
Required Pneumatic Supply 0.5MPa or above
Required Power Supply AC200V φ3 / 3.3KVA
Physical Dimensions of Equipment Width x Depth x Height 990(W) x 986(D) x 1,950(H)

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