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Vertical Lens Centering Machine


It is the vertical type centering machine that performs processing of outer circumference and slope removal of digital camera lenses to ultratelephoto zoom lenses as well as flat glasses.It is equipped with high accuracy guide on the slide section for grinding stone axis in order to maintain the outer diameter processing accuracy of maximum applicable workpiece size of φ150× maximum thickness of 40㎜.It aligns the center of the rotation axis of the machine with the optical axis connecting the centers of curvature on both sides after lapping and performs lapping/grinding of outer circumference to specific shape and dimensions. It is also capable of performing chamfering at the same time to prevent chipping. Incorporated with transparent reader, it facilitates high eccentric accuracy of lens with low Z value, which is difficult to perform automatic centering, while observing the monitor.

Products Overview

Model TCV-2
Processing Dimensions φ40〜φ150mm x Maximum Thickness 40mm
砥石寸法/回転数 φ160 x厚み30mm(45mm)/3,700rpm
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter AC Servo Motor 110mm(X-Axis)
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Axis AC Servo Motor 175mm(Z-Axis)
Rotating Speed of Workpiece Axis 0.4~16rpm(Constant Control Zone:0.4〜8rpm)
Holder Correction Rotating Speed 8~400rpm(Constant Control Zone:8〜200rpm)
Required Pneumatic Supply 0.4MPa or above
Required Power Supply AC200V φ3 / 2KVA
Physical Dimensions of Equipment Width x Depth x Height 1,350 x 870 x 2,000(mm)

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