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Fully Automatic Centering Machine


It is the horizontal type automatic centering machine that performs processing of outer circumference and slope removal of lenses of digital cameras, car-mount cameras and security cameras as well as flat glasses.Workpieces are transported by XY robot and processed by [fully automatic] operation.Smaller footprint achieved by allocating stocker at upper part of the machine.Also incorporated with manual functions, processing of workpiece sizes that cannot be handled by automatic loading system is available.

Products Overview

Model TCH-3W-TL5(Dedicated to Round Processing)
Applicable Lens Diameter 自動 φ3.0〜φ40/手動 φ3.0〜φ105
Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter/Rotating Speed φ160/Max.4,800rpm/0.75kw
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter AC Servo Motor 100mm(X-Axis)...加工常用ストローク 20mm
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Axis AC Servo Motor ストローク 15mm(Y-Axis)
Rotating Speed of Workpiece Axis 1〜26rpm
High Speed Automatic Centering Mechanism Max.930rpm
Auto Loader Loading Time:8秒
Touch Panel Size 8.4インチ
Required Pneumatic Supply 0.4MPa or above
Required Power Supply AC200V φ3 / 3.3KVA
Physical Dimensions of Equipment Width x Depth x Height 1,100(W) x 855(D) x 2,087(H)

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