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Servo Control Centering and Edging Machine with microscope


It is the manual horizontal centering and edging machine that performs edging and centering of outer circumference and slope removal of lenses of digital cameras, car cameras and security cameras.It aligns the center of the rotation axis of the machine with the optical axis connecting the centers of curvature on both sides after lapping and performs lapping/grinding of outer circumference to specific shape and dimensions. It is also capable of performing chamfering at the same time to prevent chipping. Incorporated with transparent reader, it facilitates high eccentric accuracy of lens with low Z value, which is difficult to perform automatic centering, while observing the monitor.


Products Overview

Model TCH-2KS-SC Option
Sizes of Processable Lenses Round Lenses:φ3〜φ85 φ3〜φ100
Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter/Rotating Speed φ160/Max.4,800rpm  
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Diameter 100mm(X-Axis) ・加工常用ストローク 20mm  
Travel Stroke in Direction of Grinding/Lapping Stone Axis 15mm(Y-Axis)  
Rotating Speed of Workpiece Axis 0.6〜600rpm(0.1 step)  
Required Pneumatic Supply 0.4MPa or above  
Required Power Supply AC200V φ3 / 2KVA  
Physical Dimensions of Equipment Width x Depth x Height 1,050 x 700 x 1,600  
Standard Accessories 1. Chamfering Width Auto Alignment 2. Warming Up 3. Voltage Checker
Special/Nonstandard Accessories 1. Grinding/Lapping Shaft/Axis Rotary Inverter 2. Centrifugal 3. Grinding/Lapping Oil Pressure Detection 4. Solenoid Valve 5. (Memory Capacity:300 kinds) 6. Pump & Tank

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